Our iconic coastal vistas wash your cares away, and the Lennox Hotel makes sure they stay that way. We channel the easy, breezy vibe that nature gave us, then we add another layer of our own heartfelt Aussie hospitality.

We don't compete with our views, we compliment them, with things that are simple and real, but always excellent: a crisp cold ale on the balcony. Local live music. Great fresh food sourced in our own backyard - which just happens to be the great Pacific and Australia's finest farmland - cooked over charcoal so those flavours really sing.

Long time locals, sea-changers, visitors, wandering spirits - they come for the great outdoors and the ocean, and stay for the welcome. Generous, like that epic coastline, the Lennox Hotel has so many ways to relax and play, from big life moments against a backdrop that makes your jaw drop, to simple pleasures made so much sweeter by the surroundings.

Time spent at the Lennox Hotel makes locals glad they live here and visitors wish they did.